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DoubleClick offers two training courses in Origin

Training with you

Would you like us to come to you and teach Origin?

Price: 9 800 kr + VAT, per day (+traveling expences)

The number of participants is up to you!

Training course

Price for 1 day: 5 900 kr

Price for both days: 9 800 kr

Contact us if you are interested in participating.

Basic Origin Training

No scheduled date

  • Introduction to the basic concepts in Origin
    Creating a simple graph
    Navigating your way in Origin

  • Importing data
    Importing ASCII data
    Importing Excel data

  • Manipulating data
    Plot designations
    Basic Data Manipulation
    Basic Statistics

  • Formatting graphs
    Formatting graph elements
    Multi-Layer Graphs
    Layer Management
    Customizing Axes
    Data Exploration and Pre-selection
    Publishing Graphs

  • Curve Fitting
    Fitting in Origin
    Advanced Nonlinear Curve Fitting

  • Presentation and Publishing
    Layout pages
    Publishing Graphs
    Publishing i Word

  • News in Origin 2020

  • Apps in Origin

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