1989 DoubleClick was founded by Raimo Lindstrom and the focus is software for the advertising industry.
1992 collaboration with Wolfram Research initiated and developed rapidly. The focus now changes to the calculation and analysis of data for research, science and education.
1997 Cooperation with OriginLab begins.
1999 Adapting a consultant becomes part of the business.
2004 DoubleClick acquired by Patrik Zackrisson. Cooperation with Fronter begins.
2008 Fronts business is sold to the principal.

Our story begins back in 1989, when a man named Raimo Lindstrom began selling Macintosh computers in Gothenburg. At that time there was no other way for software vendors to get their products than to knock on doors with hardware vendors and ask if it was possible to make a small displays in the store. Since there is limited space and limited knowledge, you must choose wisely, and only letting in products that really have a future. And we did. When Wolfram Research came up with the early versions of Mathematica and Origin and found distributors in Europe, we felt that there was great potential and that Wolfram had a strong offering. There, we were not alone. The great universities of ethylene in the near and far, soon took the programs to their hearts (and hard drives), and the small but loyal customer base was the perfect breeding ground for what we at DoubleClick, and for what the years become the world's most popular and diverse mathematical software kernels with applications to diverse as biology and astronomy. Today, our suppliers, leaders in their fields and are active worldwide. There are 10.000 licenses for Wolfram products - and that only in Sweden. We pride ourselves on a longstanding partnership that is still marked by kundtillvändhet, service orientation and a tireless development.

Much has changed, and many are the same. Today, it is not Wolfram governing ship anymore, but a guy who has gotten to be with us for thirteen years - Patrik Zackrisson. Steel Baths came early, when he in 1999 was awarded the contract to build a large data analysis system for Ringhals. It was the beginning of a long and rewarding journey that has helped us grow and become even better at adapting our solutions to tough customer.

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